CEO and Owner of Trusty Investment

Zafer Saka

My name is Zafer, I was born in the marvelous city of Istanbul, the capital of tourism in Turkey, my sunshine rose in Black Sea, I have two graceful children. I studied Industrial Engineering in Sofia Technical University, when I got graduated, I wanted to start my own business to put my own fingerprint in the world of real estate investment, the field which I’ve always dreamt of.


However, my family, the whole family are working in the construction industry, but I took a step in the field which I believe in and admire. I believe that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, I started with a small and humble real estate agency in Turkey, I really liked this job and my ambition has no limits.

The beauty behind my passion in this kind of work, is that I’m providing a service to a costumer who will be a life-long friend, for example, when I find homes for those who are looking for, whether they are starting a new life, get married or whatever the need is, it feels so good to find the lovely home that this client will live for the rest of his life, I believe and I’m working hard to fulfill all of my clients desires and their amusement is the only thing that will make me happy.

For fifteen years I’ve been in this job, and I am making new friends since the day I started, those friends who became members of my family, paying visits to each other, making parties, even we go camping together, from all around the world, a lot of friends whom I will always be proud of and happy to have them in my life, and the thanks goas by all means to the thing which I always loved and be passionate with, Investment. What I want to say is that the goal is to make friends, and to widen the circle of Trusty Investment family.

One of the things that made those relationships stay still and get stronger, with those foreign friends who fall a victim to deceit and deception, the integrity and authenticity they found when they dealt with me and with Trusty Investment, the information and knowledge that we study and teach to our team which was chosen really carefully, a highly qualified trustworthy group of advisors to provide their experience to our clients to fulfill their needs and desires. This is what help us to preserve the international connections and to be a lead in real estate investment in Turkey.

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